It has been agreed and determined that a furnished seasonal rental of premises not used as a principal residence is to take place between the Lessor, a non-professional individual, and the Tenant under the conditions set out below. 

The Landlord rents to the Tenant, who accepts it, the furnished premises on a seasonal basis, located at :


Floor: Ground floor, Door: left 

whose designation follows: 

Surface of the property : 47,68 m2 

Designation: A 3 room flat comprising 1 entrance, 1 living room/kitchen, 1 bathroom with 1 toilet, 2 bedrooms, on the ground floor of a 3 storey building. The Tenant accepts the premises and everything therein without exception or reservation, the Tenant declaring that he/she takes them in the condition in which they are found as well as all the movable objects described in the inventory attached to this contract.

The accommodation has been declared to the Cannes town hall and bears the registration number 06029021540HT


This lease is made subject to the following conditions which the Tenant undertakes to perform and carry out, namely: 

– To occupy the premises only in a bourgeois manner, the exercise of any trade, profession or industry being formally forbidden, the Tenant acknowledging that the premises which are the subject of the present contract are rented to him only as a temporary residence and for pleasure. 

– Not to substitute any person whatsoever, nor to sub-let the rented premises, even free of charge, except with the agreement of the Lessor. To this end, the Tenant undertakes, as soon as the booking is made and no later than 24 hours before arrival, to send to the Landlord, by e-mail or electronically to divadufestival@gmail.com copies of the front and back identity cards of the Tenant and those accompanying him.

– For French citizens, to be insured against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage and recourse from neighbours and to have the furniture rented insured. To this end, the Tenant undertakes, as soon as the booking is made and at the latest 24 hours before arrival, to send the Landlord a copy of the certificate of the holiday guarantee of his Civil Liability contract covering the said risks, by e-mail to divadufestival@gmail.com. 


– Reservations can be made through booking platforms or directly with the Landlord/Manager.

– The reservation shall only be effective upon receipt by the Landlord of this signed rental contract, the total payment of the rent, the cleaning fee and the tourist tax, the provision of the required administrative documents as well as the validation of the security deposit via our service provider SWIKLY. Failing this, the contract shall be considered null and void and cancelled at the initiative of the Tenant, without prejudice to the Landlord, in accordance with the cancellation conditions applied by the requested reservation platform or those in force in this contract.

If the Tenant or one of his/her companions is a foreigner, an individual police form must be completed by each foreign occupant, in application of article R. 611-42 of the Code de l’Entrée et du Séjour des Etrangers et du Droit d’Asile. It will be sent to you after receipt of the signed contract or the information collected to complete it by us.

– In order to take into account the evolution of the pandemic and the resulting sanitary constraints, and before confirming any reservation, the Tenant is strongly advised to inform him/herself about the conditions of access to the French national territory as well as the sanitary measures and travel restrictions in force in the Alpes Maritimes department and in the city of Cannes.

Here are some information links:



– https://www.cannes.com/fr/dossiers-cannes-com/annee-2021/covid-19-guide-pratique.html

– The Tenant is strongly advised to take out cancellation-reimbursement insurance to protect him in the event of accident, illness, COVID infection or impediment. The Tenant shall not be entitled to any reimbursement from the Landlord in the event of lack of health documents, lack of travel documents, refusal of entry at borders or confinement. 

– In the event that the Tenant has not read these rules before booking and does not agree with them after arrival, he/she must cancel the booking with the platform requested. The cancellation conditions in force will apply. 


– The present rental is granted for a limited period of time as indicated in the reservation. The stay is not renewable.

Booking cancellation and refund conditions are subject to the rules in force on the booking platform.

– The contract shall automatically cease on the expiry of this term without the Lessor having to give notice of termination. It may not be extended without the prior consent of the Landlord or his representative.

– The Tenant expressly undertakes to have fully vacated the accommodation by the time of check-out (departure) at 11:00 a.m. at the latest.


– The rental is valid for the number of persons and the composition of the tenants specified in the reservation.

– No more than 4 people (including children) can be accommodated in the accommodation. No exceptions are allowed.

– The maximum number of occupants is the number of travellers in the booking. Persons not included in the booking may not stay in the accommodation, except with the written consent of the host. 

– The Tenant undertakes to identify each occupant (adults and minors) of the accommodation and to provide the Landlord with a copy of the identity documents of each of them as soon as this contract/reservation confirmation is signed. You will be asked to show proof of identity before you are allowed access to the accommodation. Failure to do so shall constitute a breach of this contract and shall automatically terminate the contract and cancel the reservation in accordance with the cancellation conditions in force, without prejudice to the Landlord.

– It is forbidden to invite people into the flat without prior permission from the owner.

– Persons outside the reservation are not allowed to use the facilities of the accommodation.


How to get in at the beginning of the rental period (check-in) : 

– There is no independent check-in at the accommodation. The reception is necessarily physical.

– Normal check-in times are from 15:00 to 20:00.

– The Tenant must contact the Manager at least 72 hours before the start of the stay and make an appointment to meet the Tenant at the flat during this time (3pm to 8pm).

– On the day of arrival, during the journey, the Tenant will send an SMS or WhatsApp message to the Manager indicating his/her estimated time of arrival and again 30 minutes before arriving at the accommodation.

– Late arrivals after 20:00 (between 20:00 and 23:00) are subject to a surcharge of €30 to be paid on site or deducted from the security deposit.

– In the event of a late arrival or delayed arrival, the Tenant must inform the Manager so that he can reorganise. If the Landlord/Manager is not notified at least 1 hour before the delay, a supplement of 30€ per half hour of delay will be charged at the time of reception or deducted from the security deposit.

– No reception will be provided after 23.00 hours, without prejudice to the Lessor and without any refund being due. 

– If the client does not show up 24 hours after the scheduled arrival time, the present contract becomes null and void without any refund of the sums paid and the Lessor may dispose of the accommodation.

– On arrival, the Landlord, the Manager or his representative will be present to welcome you and familiarise you with the accommodation.

– Access to the accommodation is via a lock connected to the front door. A unique code will be generated for the exclusive use of the Tenant. This code will be given to you on site, in person, by our Manager/Representative. 

– The Housing Welcome Guide can be found at 

Check-out procedure at the end of the rental period : 

– The accommodation must be completely emptied and vacated by 10.00 a.m. at the latest, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Landlord. The check-out is autonomous.

– Any delay in vacating the premises that is not authorised in writing by the Lessor shall result in the application of a penalty equal to 80 Euros (eighty Euros) for each half hour of delay commenced after 11:00 a.m., which penalty shall be automatically deducted from the security deposit. 

– The cleaning package paid at the time of booking includes the initial supply of linen and the cleaning of floors (vacuuming and mopping), dusting, window cleaning and the preparation of the accommodation. Following the cleaning, it includes the disinfection of the dwelling and in particular the contact surfaces, by an ozone generation process. However, the package does not include the cleaning of dishes and toilets. Among other things, the dishes must be washed/dried/stowed, the refrigerator and freezer emptied of fresh products and the garbage emptied and disposed of. 

– The security deposit will be returned within one week if no damage or violation of the house rules is found after the Tenant’s departure.


The present rental is granted for the price indicated in the reservation, for the entire duration of the rental. 

The rent includes, for the entire duration of the rental period, the payment of the rental charges within the limits fixed by the present contract and the available supplies described in the descriptive inventory of the rented premises.

– Water and electricity consumption is included in the price of the stay, within the limits of normal use. For information, the average daily consumption for 4 adults in our accommodation is 12.5 Kwh of electricity and 0.6 m3 of water per day. Any excessive consumption above these limits may be invoiced:

– Electricity: 18 Kwh/day or 3,18€/day

– Water: 1 m3/day or 1000 litres/day. 

– A meter reading is carried out by our cleaning staff at the beginning and end of the rental period.

– Beyond that, consumption will be invoiced on the basis of the meter reading, at the current rate.

– Cleaning is carried out by professional staff. 

– The cleaning package applied to the stay includes the initial supply of household linen (sheets + towels), cleaning and hygiene products for a thorough and surface cleaning, followed by disinfection with virucidal cleaning products and by an ozone generation process. In these times of covid19, a precise sanitary protocol is followed in order to provide you with safe accommodation.

– The cleaning fee does not include the cleaning of dirty dishes left unwashed by the Tenant. If this is not the case, the Lessor shall be entitled to charge a lump sum of €50 to the security deposit. 


– The Tenant shall pay to the Landlord, at the latest on the day of taking possession of the premises, the sum of 1000 euros as a security deposit to cover any damage that may be caused to the objects in the rented premises as well as the various charges, penalties and excessive consumption (gas, electricity, etc.) 

– For this purpose, a credit card imprint for the security deposit of 1000 Euros is required at the time of booking and at the latest 24 hours before arrival. 

– Failure to comply with this obligation 24 hours prior to arrival will result in the cancellation of the booking at the initiative of the Tenant and the revocation of the rental agreement without any refund being due to the Tenant.

– If no damage is found after departure, if the accommodation is left in a correct state and if the kitchen and sanitary facilities are left clean and tidy, the security deposit will be cancelled within a maximum of 21 days after the Tenant’s departure. 

– The final departure of the Tenant at the end of the rental period shall not entail the waiver by the Landlord of any compensation for rental repairs or penalties if the damage and/or fraudulent behaviour is caused by the Tenant. Even if an exit inspection has been carried out, the Landlord reserves the right to charge for any damage, breakage or shortcomings that may have been concealed and that are the fault of the Tenant and that are discovered after the Tenant’s departure.

– If the Landlord or the Manager finds any damage, the general state of cleanliness of the accommodation or the kitchen and sanitary facilities not cleaned, he shall inform the Tenant within a week. The security deposit will then be returned within 21 days of the date of departure, after deduction of the amount of repairs for damage and replacement of lost objects, furniture or equipment that are broken, cracked, chipped or deteriorated and those whose wear and tear exceeds what is normal for the duration of the rental period. The Landlord undertakes to forward any purchase, replacement or service invoice to the Tenant. 

– It should be noted that the Tenant must leave the accommodation in a clean state and clean the kitchen and bathroom. If this is not the case, the Landlord will be entitled to charge a flat fee of 50 € on the security deposit.

– Similarly, if the rental premises are polluted by a persistent odour (cigarettes, cooking, etc.), the Landlord shall be entitled to claim from the Tenant the cost of disinfecting the premises, fixed at 250 euros (which may be added to the cleaning fee if applicable).

– The deposit cannot be considered as a contribution to the payment of the rent.


Under penalty of penalties and surcharges deducted from the security deposit or invoiced and which may lead to the revocation of the present contract and the eviction of the tenants/occupiers, without reimbursement or prejudice to the Landlord:

F1- The tenant undertakes to use the rental reasonably and « as a good father of the family ».

The Tenant shall be liable for all material and immaterial damages, including but not limited to loss of use, uninhabitability, loss of rent and consequential loss of business, costs of rehousing subsequent tenants, depreciation of the property due to the repair of damages.

F2- He/she undertakes to strictly respect the accommodation’s capacity. This maximum capacity is fixed by the number of occupants indicated in the reservation and identified by name in the reservation. Under no circumstances may the number of occupants exceed 4 people, including children. 

F3- The Hirer takes full responsibility for the supervision and behaviour of the children, accompanying persons, relations and visitors and for all the consequences thereof.

F4- He/she undertakes to maintain the accommodation throughout the stay and will find cleaning materials and products at his/her disposal. The accommodation must be aired daily (radiators turned off) in order to renew the air inside and avoid humidity (Covid19 recommendations).

F5- The accommodation must be systematically locked when going out and before leaving. Similarly, windows must be closed before leaving.

F6- The Hirer undertakes not to modify the premises, the decoration or the layout of the furniture.

F7- No one outside the reservation is allowed to stay in the accommodation.

F8- The tenant is obliged to ensure that the tranquillity of the neighbourhood is not disturbed. We get along with our neighbours … so please do not make any noise between 8pm and 8.30am and think about the late mornings of our working neighbours. In accordance with the Civic Charter of the city of Cannes dated 20 July 2021, any tenant who is responsible for noise pollution and neighbourhood disturbances must be evicted, without prejudice to the Landlord.

Make sure that TV and music equipment is set to a moderate sound level.

In the event of neighbourhood disturbances/noise pollution or any uncivil and/or illegal behaviour, the sum of €500 may be deducted from the security deposit to cover any fines and/or repairs for damage caused.

F9- Parties and evenings are forbidden in the accommodation. If any nuisance is observed and reported by the neighbours, the remainder of the stay will be cancelled and the Tenant and his/her relations will be evicted immediately without reimbursement. A sum of 500 euros will be taken from the deposit for disinfection/cleaning and as a penalty for the damage suffered. 

F10- The rental is non-smoking for the well-being of the future tenants. It is strictly forbidden to smoke (cigarettes, cannabis, chicha …) inside the accommodation. In the event that cigarette odours, traces of ashes or smoking burns are detected on the departure of the travellers, a minimum sum of 250 euros will be deducted from the deposit for disinfection/cleaning and as a penalty for the damage suffered.

F11- As the seasonal rental is classified as « furnished tourist accommodation », the Landlord prohibits the presence of pets in the accommodation, in accordance with article 10 of Law n° 70-598 of 9 July 1970. 

He may not therefore introduce any animal (except for service animals) into the rented premises, even temporarily, for reasons of hygiene (odours, allergies, etc.) which may upset future tenants. In the event that evidence of the presence of an animal during the stay (hair, scratches, bites, faeces, stains, etc.) is found following the departure of the travellers, a minimum sum of 250 euros will be deducted from the security deposit for disinfection/cleaning and as a penalty for the damage suffered.

Items damaged by a declared or concealed animal will be replaced and charged to the customer in addition to the above charges.

F12- The Hirer undertakes to use the equipment made available to him/her in accordance with its mode of use.

F13- He undertakes never to throw into the toilet, washbasin, bathtub/shower or sink any objects that could obstruct the pipes (wipes, moistened toilet paper, sanitary towels, tampons, condoms, etc.), failing which he will be liable for the costs incurred in restoring them, estimated at a flat rate of 200€ in addition to the costs of the intervention of a professional/artisan.

F14- The Tenant takes note that it is forbidden to remove the integral mattress covers from the mattresses and pillows. Any violation of this rule will result in a fixed fee of 100€ as well as the cost of replacing any damaged bedding which may be deducted from the security deposit.

Bed linen and/or towels that are soiled, stained beyond reasonable limits or torn will be charged at €20 per item.

F15- On departure, the Tenant undertakes to leave the accommodation in the same condition as he found it on arrival. The cleaning package includes surface cleaning and disinfection. It is the tenant’s responsibility to clean the kitchen and the sanitary facilities as well as to fold and regroup the dirty linen. 

If the accommodation is left in an obviously dirty and untidy state requiring extra cleaning (presence of undeclared animals, chaff, confetti, food remains/empty bottles, dirty walls or furniture, vomit, dirty sanitary facilities, etc.): a sum of 150€ may be deducted from the deposit in addition to the amount of the repairs/repairs.

F16- We encourage Tenants to be environmentally responsible and to use the heating thermostat or air conditioning wisely. The temperature inside the dwelling must not exceed 22°C or be lower than 18°C. Remember to turn off or reduce the heating or air-conditioning thermostat and the lights when you are away.

F17- Under no circumstances may the rental benefit third parties. Sub-letting is forbidden, under any pretext whatsoever, even free of charge, on pain of termination of the contract and immediate eviction.

F18- It is forbidden to bring into the accommodation and to use equipment outside the rental (barbecue, inflatable jacuzzi, sound system/baffles/amplified speakers, tent, portable heating elements…) without the prior written authorisation of the Manager/Landlord.

F19- The Internet connection is reserved for personal, non-commercial and reasonable use, in compliance with the legislation in force and with intellectual and artistic property. Tenants are held responsible for any illicit use of the internet during their stay: no illegal downloads of copyrighted works and no visits to sites with prohibited content (paedophilia, racism, incitement to violence or offence to human dignity).

F20- The Tenant agrees not to use the electrical outlets of the dwelling or the condominium to recharge his electric vehicle.

F21- The Tenant undertakes to report and immediately alert the Landlord by any means of any breakdown, event or malfunction that may compromise the safety, health, habitability, operation, enjoyment and comfort of the accommodation. 

F22- The Tenant authorises the Landlord, or any third party appointed by the Landlord for this purpose, to carry out, during the rental period, any repairs required by the emergency. To this end, the Tenant expressly authorises access to the accommodation in all circumstances, in his presence or absence. The Tenant shall not be entitled to claim any reduction in rent in the event that urgent repairs incumbent on the Landlord should appear during the rental period. 

F23- The Tenant waives all recourse against the Landlord in the event of theft and damage to the rented premises. 


In the event that the Tenant fails to comply with the terms of this contract, the internal regulations, the general conditions, and/or damages the movable and/or immovable property, the contract shall be terminated automatically and the occupants shall be subject to immediate eviction. By signing this rental agreement, the Tenant accepts that surcharges, penalties and/or lump sum compensation will be deducted from the security deposit in accordance with the scale detailed below:

G1. Arrival between 8pm and 11pm = €30

G2. Delayed arrival of more than one hour, without notice = 30€/half hour of delay started.

G3. Departure after 11.00 a.m., without the written agreement of the host = 80€ per half hour of delay.

G4. Customer who smoked in the accommodation (odours, traces, burns…) = 250€.

G5. Extra cleaning during long stay (at the request of the guest) = same amount as standard cleaning fee.

G6. Declared presence of service animals = €80 for extra cleaning.

G7. Concealed presence of an unauthorised animal = €250. 

G8. Items damaged by a declared or concealed animal will be replaced and charged to the customer in addition to the above charges.

G9. Use of bedding with mattress covers, fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases removed = €100 + cost of replacing mattresses and pillows if they are soiled.

G10. Soiled, stained or torn bed linen and/or towels = 20€ per item.

G11. Blocked pipes = 200€ + professional/artisan intervention costs.

G12. If the accommodation is left in an obviously dirty and untidy state requiring extra cleaning (presence of undeclared animals, chaff, confetti, food remains/empty bottles, dirty walls or furniture, vomit, dirty sanitary facilities, etc.): 150€ + amount of repairs/repair.

G13. In case of neighbourhood disturbance/noise pollution or any uncivil and/or illegal behaviour = 1000€ and eviction from the premises.

G14. Party/throwing party/civil behaviour = 1000€, eviction from the premises and repair of any damage.

G15. Damage = reimbursement by the client of all material and immaterial repairs, including but not limited to consequential damages such as loss of use, uninhabitability, loss of rent and consequential operating losses, costs of rehousing subsequent tenants, depreciation of the property as a result of the repair of damage.


– The premises are rented furnished with all the necessary appliances, a complete set of kitchen utensils and crockery for 8 people. The detailed inventory is attached.

– On arrival, the tenant will find the furniture and facilities in good condition and the equipment in working order.

– The Tenant must report to the Landlord, within 12 hours of entering the premises, any anomalies, missing or damaged objects. After this period, the rented property will be considered free of damage on the Tenant’s arrival.

– Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period shall be charged to the Tenant. If necessary, the Landlord or his representative shall be entitled to claim from the Tenant the full value of the replacement cost of broken, cracked, chipped or deteriorated objects, furniture or equipment and those whose wear and tear exceeds normal wear and tear for the duration of the rental period. The same applies to bedding, decorative items, shutters and blinds, windows, paintwork, parquet flooring, railings, etc.

– Linen is included in the rental price. 

– It includes: bed linen (fitted sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, undersheets), bathroom linen (1 bath sheet, 1 towel per person), a bath mat and a kitchen towel. 

– For obvious reasons of hygiene, the use of fitted sheets to protect the mattress, flat sheets or duvet covers and pillowcases is compulsory. A simple sleeping bag cannot be used as bedding. It is also forbidden to remove mattress covers from mattresses and pillows. Any failure to comply will result in a fixed fee of €100 per bed + replacement costs deducted from the security deposit or invoiced if they exceed the amount of the security deposit.

– And of course, the linen must be returned in good condition on departure. If the bed linen and/or towels are soiled, stained beyond reason or torn, a deduction of 20€ per item will be made from the deposit.


– The Tenant may not object to the visit of the premises when the Landlord and/or its manager so requests, particularly in the case of a breakdown or malfunction that could compromise the safety or health of the Accommodation or lead to loss of use, uninhabitability, loss of rent and operating losses; or in the case of behaviour that is prohibited by local or national decrees, circulars and/or laws.

– The Tenant authorises the Landlord to carry out any emergency or necessary repairs during the stay, whether or not the Tenant is present in the accommodation. 


– Any cancellation made by the Tenant must be notified to the Landlord via the messaging system of the booking platform or by email to divadufestival@gmail.com

– The cancellation conditions set by the booking platform used for the booking are those in force. 

– In the case of direct bookings, it is agreed that in the event of the tenant’s withdrawal : 

– more than 45 days before the beginning of the stay: 33% of the price of the stay remains with the Lessor.

– between the 45th and the 21st day before the beginning of the stay: 50% of the price of the stay remains with the Lessor.

– less than 21 days before the start of the stay, the full price of the stay shall be retained by the Lessor.

In the event of a no-show, early departure or interruption of the stay, the price corresponding to the cost of the accommodation for the full duration of the reservation shall be retained in full by the Lessor.

Covid Special Conditions19 :

– The Hirer is advised to take out insurance to cover risks and refunds in the event that he/she has to cancel his/her stay due to confinement, fourteen-day requirement for travellers from his/her country of residence, movement restrictions, border closures, positive Covid19 test, declaration of contact cases subject to isolation, lack of health pass or appropriate document. 

No refund shall be required from the Lessor other than in accordance with the cancellation conditions set out in the booking.

– If the Landlord is obliged to abandon the rental due to the regulatory measures put in place by the State as part of the fight against Covid 19 (sanitary conditions, prohibition of rental, etc.), the Tenant will be offered a postponement of the stay to a later date or a refund.

– Any cancellation made by the Landlord shall give rise to the return by the Landlord of all sums already paid by the Tenant.


– The hirer is liable for any damage he/she may cause to the rented property, whether movable or immovable. 

– The tenant is obliged to take out civil liability insurance with an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, both for his rental risks and for his furniture, as well as for recourse from neighbours. They should therefore check whether their main home policy includes a « holiday » extension. If not, he should ask his insurer for an extension of the guarantee to cover his stay. 

– The Tenant of French nationality undertakes to provide the Landlord with a copy of his/her insurance certificate as soon as the booking is made and at the latest 24 hours before his/her arrival, failing which the rental contract will be revoked.


The Lessor shall not be liable for : 

⁃ cuts in water, electricity or internet connection, 

⁃ nuisances caused by the neighbourhood 

⁃ theft, damage or disappearance of personal belongings in the dwelling or common areas 

⁃ damage to vehicles parked on the street or in outdoor car parks.


– Failure to pay the rent, the security deposit and to comply with the clauses and conditions detailed above will result in the contract being terminated by operation of law, in accordance with the cancellation conditions in force.

– The Landlord reserves the right to terminate the present rental and to ask the Tenant to leave immediately if this is deemed necessary due to his/her behaviour or if the Tenant does not respect the rules listed in these general conditions. In this case, the hirer shall not be entitled to any refund of the rental price paid.

– In addition, it is expressly agreed that any rent not paid on its due date, as well as any charges or costs not paid under the same conditions shall, by virtue of Article 1226 of the Civil Code, be increased by 10% as a penalty clause, eight days after the Lessor sends a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, demanding payment and indicating its intention to invoke the penalty clause, without derogating from the resolutory clause previously stated and without prejudice to damages, of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, requesting payment and indicating its intention to enforce the penalty clause, without derogating from the aforementioned resolutory clause and without prejudice to any damages that the Landlord may be required to claim due to the Tenant’s failure to comply.


For the execution of the present contract, the parties elect domicile at the address mentioned at the head of the present contract and agree that the competent court will be that of the place where the rented accommodation depends. The present contract and its consequences are subject to French law. In the event of a conflict of interpretation regarding the translation of this contract, only the French version shall be deemed authentic.


As the rented building was built before 1949, a lead exposure risk report was drawn up at the Lessor’s expense by a person meeting the conditions set out in articles L. 271-6 and R. 271-1 of the Code de la construction et de l’habitation (Construction and Housing Code), and is appended to this deed. 


– The flat is a 3-room ground floor apartment, partially open on the lower level, in a building built in 1890. The entrance to the building is opened by using a VIGIK pass or by pressing the « MAYER-BOIDIN » bell. The building is 3 floors high, with 8 condominiums. There are 2 steps to access the building’s entrance lock. 

– No key ring is given to the Tenant: The accommodation is equipped with an electronic lock. It is accessible by a secret code specifically generated for the Tenant and for his/her exclusive use and valid for the duration of his/her rental. The code is given to the Tenant in person, on arrival at the accommodation, by our Manager.

– It is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.

– The 2 levels of the dwelling are connected by a steep staircase of 12 steps, with guardrail.

– 2 separate BEDROOMS are located on the upper level of the mezzanine. 

– The main bedroom (Queen size bed 160×200) is equipped with a mobile air conditioner with a fixed external drain, a large dressing room, 2 bedside tables and lamps, 1 floor lamp, 2 multiple sockets on each side of the bed, 1 radiator, 1 smoke detector. It is accessible directly from the staircase, without partition or door. A removable screen ensures the privacy of the occupants. It is a blind room with a window and portholes that allow the occupants to benefit from the natural light emanating from the window of the other room.

 – The second bedroom is isolated from the first by a partition and a sliding door. An opening of 1m2 in the mezzanine, in front of the window, protected by a guardrail, gives onto the living room/kitchen on the ground floor. The bedroom is equipped with 2 single beds (90×190), 2 bedside tables and lamps, 1 radiator and 1 chest of drawers.

– LIVING ROOM: The living room on the ground floor has a sofa, coffee table, table lamp, connected television with Bluetooth keyboard, wifi box, high table and 6 bar chairs, 1 pedestal table, 2 multiple sockets, carbon monoxide detector, a temperature, humidity, movement and decibel detector, electrical panel with interphone/door, basket with welcome guide and manuals for household appliances 2 large windows with transoms illuminate the living room and the upper level. There are no curtains, but the shutters allow the whole house to be darkened. The sofa in the living room cannot/should not be used as a bed.

– KITCHEN: Fully equipped, utensils and cutlery for 8 people, 2 ceramic hobs, sink, combined oven/microwave, dishwasher, fridge with freezer, extractor fan, storage cupboards, coffee machine, kettle, Nespresso machine, toaster, popcorn machine, washing-up liquid/hand dispenser, dustbin, 1 VMC/electric air extractor with hygrometer.

– BATHROOM: A sliding door separates the living room/kitchen from the bathroom. It is a blind room with a shower/tub, shower column with 2 shower heads, WC, retractable clothesline, washbasin, heated towel rail, dehumidifier, VMC, shower gel/shampoo dispenser, hair dryer, first aid kit, dirty laundry basket.

– ENTRANCE: The entrance door is equipped with a peephole, electronic lock and PVC nameplate with the name of the flat. Adjacent to the living room, it has a shoe rack, a pedestal table containing board games, a bench, a cupboard containing a dryer, an iron and ironing board, a steam ironer, a bagless hoover, cleaning products, a water heater, an ozone generator, a carbon monoxide detector, a magnetic detector for the opening of the front door.

– Household linen (sheets, duvets, pillowcases, undersheets) is provided at the beginning of the stay as well as the first hygiene products (shampoo, shower gel, hand soap) and cleaning products (washing-up liquid, 2 dishwasher and washing machine pods)


– The location of the flat allows access on foot to the heart of Cannes from the quiet and residential area of Riou – Petit Juas and the Avenue de Grasse. It is located 850 metres from the Palais des Festivals, 1.2 km from the Croisette beach, 650 metres from the Cannes SNCF train station and 400 metres from the Marché Forville.

– The accommodation does not have private parking. More than 100 free parking spaces are available in the streets surrounding the accommodation. However, during busy periods, it may be difficult to find a free space. The « Suquet-Forville » paid covered car park is 450 metres away. The « Vauban » paid covered car park is 400 metres away. Reservations are recommended.


In the event of any dispute in the interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, only the French version shall prevail and be legally enforceable.